About Me

Alana Manderson | Makeup & Brow Artist

Hey. I'm Alana and I am a makeup application and eyebrow artist based in Lurgan who has a passion for beauty.

I am a young and current individual with a huge passion for makeup and current fashion.

I gain inspiration from the way people dress and look and it is this interest that has inspired me to become a makeup artist.

I am a people’s person and in my previous jobs working I taught myself people skills and the art of good communication.

I had a good natured manner when it came to speaking with unhappy customers and working under pressure to solve their problems would always encourage me to work harder.

I have built up a large and amazing list of Clients who are all wonderful and make my line of work so enjoyable.

I am extremely creative and like to work in a team with my Clients where we can gain ideas, trust and direction from each other.

My passion and drive to forge a career in this industry is what lead me to follow my dream and become and Artist.

Giving Back

I have donated and supplied vouchers to a wide range off charitys such as Almost Home, RSPCA,British Heart Foundation , Marie Curie, and the one closest to my heart being Cancer U.K. as it has affected and taken away family members who I miss every day.


I have had the chance to test and promote some excellent products within my buisness, I would like to use this space to thank each of them.

Glitter tubes
Helen E
Tan Eraser

product product product product

Branding and Logo's

Branding is a marketing technique used by businesses or self employed artists to create a desired image for a product or company in the minds of the consumer/client.

Branding often takes the form of a recognizable symbol/symbols to which consumers easily identify, such as a logo.

You can see some photos of my logo's and branding examples above and to the right.

Like symbols, slogans build a brand image. Slogans are successfully used in buisnesses to help consumers/clients to trust and to let them know they are in safe hands.

Although a slogan is going to be next aim within my branding I believe I have buit a trusting relationship with all of my clients.

From I started my buisness I have went through a number of stages of trying to promote Alana Manderson MUA.

I have done this by using logo's, socal media, and my online website/portfolio which included a lot of photos/video's of my work.

You can see some photos of my logo's and branding examples to the right and can view my work on my home page or any of my social media pages which are all linked together.

As part of my branding and expansion in August 2017 I put a lot of effort into creating an online booking system for my clients in order to offer them a way to easily access service information, view free slots and book my services. The aim was to make it user friendly and I think I achieved this.